Previously, I reviewed A Silent Voice both since I loved that anime and since I’d prefer to support Kyoto Animation considering the tragic attack in 2021 where lots of staff died. I’ll be covering my personal favorite titles by the organization, and subsequently one up is the one and Evergarden Review the hit anime concerning the girl using the metal hands. Purple Evergarden is probably the most unique and emotional anime I have seen in an exceedingly long time. The anime includes a beautiful soundtrack, masterful graphics & cinematography, having a sincere and mature story about love, war, and human connection.

Violet Evergarden Story Review

Purple Evergarden is definitely an orphan who had been elevated to become a soldier and simply something of war. Given as a present to some Major Gilbert, Purple joined the world war 2 front at a youthful age, quickly killing men two times her size and age. However, slot gacor Gilbert takes pity around the girl, always trying his better to raise her because he would every other child. He teaches her how you can read, and tries his better to safeguard her.

On Love

Following a major fight, Purple is located in the ruins of the enemy encampment together with her arms torn off and Gilbert nowhere found (assumed to become KIA). Since world war 2 has ended, Purple is offered metal prosthetic braches, and it is drawn in by Hodgins, certainly one of Gilbert’s best buddies. Hodgins runs an “auto memory doll” company that supplies letter writing and transcribing services for those who don’t understand how to write or can’t quite take their feelings into words.

Never quite grasping the idea of Human feelings and relationships, Purple travels the planet, writing letters for other people and researching romantic relationships. She writes letters for other people, hoping that by understanding the other party’s feelings she’ll finally have the ability to determine what Gilbert’s final words, “I adore you,” truly mean.

On War

“We have the recollections of violence burned into us like scars. We fought against dreaming for that war to finish, awaiting the glory which was guaranteed to both living and also the dead. What happened the truth is? …We were tricked and abandoned by everything.”

As the anime begins at the finish of the war, remains from the war remain prevalent around the world.

You will find groups against the peace agreement attempting to reignite the flames of war and families forever damaged by losing a family member. Styles of war and also the destruction it causes are in the center of the anime.

Violet Evergarden Review – Graphics

Purple Evergarden already has a lot of things opting for it, and also the art is among its most powerful points. The graphics are crisp and sleek, and also the cinematography is artistic in the scene transitions. The anime flows from scene to scene seamlessly or with abrupt changes designed to get you back or catch you unawares.

Violet’s Brooch

In addition, the anime’s presentation of plot devices, like Violet’s brooch, is masterful. I’ve never witnessed an anime be so mainstream, yet so imaginative and poetic simultaneously. If you wish to study art direction in anime, Purple Evergarden is essential to see series.


Composed by Evan Call (Hakumei and Mikochi, Swarzesmarken), the Purple Evergarden score is probably the best I’ve ever endured the pleasure of hearing in almost any anime film or series. While there’s an appealing opening and ending theme song, it’s the score that plays throughout key scenes that actually stays along with you. The songs are sufficiently good to be standalone classical music pieces, frequently employing strong violin leads.

It’s so memorable that I added it to my Youtube playlist and participate in it during work or while I’m writing.


At its core, Purple Evergarden is all about romantic relationships and love. Sturdy a sister’s love her for crippled and alcoholic brother, a mother’s passion for her only daughter, a son’s gratitude toward his loving parents, and Violet’s bond using the only man who saw her as not only ammunition.

To state that Purple Evergarden tugs around the heartstrings will be a massive understatement. It hits you with techniques you will not expect and, if you are much like me, it’ll make you in tears in the center of a crowded train.