Definition of Dowry Amount of Dowry That Must Be Considered

Providing a marriage dowry in Islam is one of the main requirements for couples who wish to unite in a marriage ark.

The dowry should be considered from the start and chosen according to the capabilities of the groom.

Dowry also cannot be obtained and given carelessly. Dowry is something sacred and has an important meaning before a man proposes to a woman.

Before knowing what are the suggestions for dowry for marriage in Islam, it is better for those who wish to get married, first know the meaning of the following dowry.


Is there a limit on the nominal dowry (dowry) in Islamic rules? Are marriages carried out by Muslims still subject to the rules of marriage?

Digest of Answers

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Mahar is a gift from the groom to the bride, whether in the form of goods, money or services that do not conflict with Islamic rules.

Although it should be given, handing over the marriage dowry is not a pillar in marriage. Furthermore, Islamic rules do not control the limits of the minimum or optimal value of a dowry because the amount of a dowry is left up to the agreement between the groom and the bride.

The amount or amount of marriage dowry is in the form of money, the rules are sunnah in Islam

The provisions regarding the amount or amount of marriage dowry actually have various opinions from scholars. There are at least three main assumptions regarding the amount of dowry.

Abu Thaur determines 500 dirhams for the dowry, while Imam Abu Hanifah determines 10 dirhams. Even though the Shafi’i School does not provide restrictions regarding the amount and form of dowry.

One dirham is a currency weighing 2.975 grams of silver. Thus, the amount of 2.975 grams of silver can be converted into rupiah according to the current silver price.

Although there is no proper limit regarding the minimum and optimal amount of dowry, if you give a dowry of less than 10 dirhams it will be considered too cheap and disrespectful to women. Even if it is more than 500 dirhams it will be considered arrogant.

Type of Dowry of Marriage

There are many types of dowry in marriage. Apart from that, the amount of the dowry value in a marriage does not have a minimum or maximum standard, which is primarily the ability of the man, even though it is the woman who has full rights to the dowry. But still it happened on the basis of mutual agreement. There is even a form of dowry that was exemplified by the Prophet and followed by Muslims.

Recently, social media was buzzing with news about a couple who got married. Although, all preparations have been completed, starting from the decoration of the venue for the reception, invitations, food, and various other reception accessories.
Investigate a calibaration, the two prospective bride and groom canceled their wedding on the fourth day before the reception was held. The reason is because the woman asked the man to give her a dowry for the house certificate.

This of course made the groom-to-be objectionable. Because this house certificate is requested just a few days before the wedding. Finally, the wedding was even canceled and the groom even visited the page to play slots.